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Dave Dawson Vermin Control was formed to meet the demand for a specialist agricultural wildlife manager in Cornwall. We now deal with several farms, estates, golf courses and vast acres of land in the area. We are passionate about our business and are always keen to discuss new techniques, methods and services we can offer the farming industry.

We are fully insured, NPTC qualified, BASC and GWCT members.

A lot of agricultural work is carried out over the winter months. This is when rodents tend to leave the fields and hedgerows to seek cover in sheds, barns and tractors on farmland. Many of the farms we visit have a current pest issue, particularly with rodents. Farmers realise the numbers are getting out of control and they are spending a lot of money on ineffective rodenticides. This is where we come in, removing large quantities of rodents using several different control methods and utilising the specialist rodenticides at our disposal.


Once the problem is resolved we support the farm to help reduce the risk of reinfestation. Farms by their very nature are often difficult to maintain and provide ideal breeding conditions for rodents. We supply our farming clients with a comprehensive service. This includes full briefing and debriefing, all the relevant paperwork, as well as ongoing management techniques to help ensure the problem remains under control.

Agricultural services offered

Large-scale rodent riddance
Wildlife management training
Wildlife proofing – prevention of further
Supply of equipment and products
No obligation quote/inspection
Discreet service in unmarked vans, at a time to suit the client

Undertaking wildlife management on vast acres of land requires a specialist team of wildlife managers, equipment and experience, as well as effective communication with the land owner or agent. Very few wildlife management companies can accommodate such large areas of land and be successful in their treatment. We break most estates into areas, wildlife to be treated and areas which need to be treated. This allows us to apply management techniques to control the whole area successfully.

Our specialist agricultural wildlife team deal with these issues every day, which means treatment will be carried out in the shortest possible time and with the best results. A lot of estates may involve several aspects. Farms, arable, livestock, woodland, wetland, domestic dwellings, rivers, game farms, equestrian yards etc. Having a company that understands these areas and can manage wildlife issues swiftly and efficiently is key.

Most estates will currently have a team of ground staff and/or gamekeepers. We find that although they are great at their jobs, successful pest control is an area they sometimes struggle with through lack of time or resources. We work alongside these team members. They are the eyes and ears of the estate and can considerably help with the process. We are not trying to take their jobs but aiming to help control the issues as professionals. We use several methods of control. Some organisations won’t allow certain methods of control but we can accommodate this to suit your needs.