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Rabbit Control



At Dave Dawson Vermin Control we have a full range of rabbit control methods to deal with any rabbit problem that occurs. We are able to provide a solution to any scenario. We can offer a humane and versatile rabbit control service that is unlikely to be matched by any other company.

Damage to crops, property and infrastructure, are just a few rabbit problems that affect businesses and homes- particularly if you’re on the receiving end of their voracious appetites and vigorous breeding habits. Rabbits breed from the age of 4 months, producing 4-5 litters of approximately 5 young each year. Easy to see how a rabbit problems can explode out of control!

There are a number of methods for rabbit control and often, our experienced will select a combination of methods to control and manage the rabbit problem. We also ensure that our rabbit control methods don’t impact on the environment or other wildlife.

We clear rabbits from farms, estates, cemeteries, golf courses, crematoriums and gardens in private homes.

elow you will find a list of all our rabbit control methods, if you have any questions or would like us to visit your site to help detail your requirements please feel free to contact us.

Rabbit proof fencing
Night vision & Thermal
Drop boxes
Long netting
Drop nets & Liftnets

Common Rabbit Control Problems:
Tunneling rabbits cause ground to become weak and unstable.
Loss and damage to crops in agricultural areas.
Soil erosion caused by removal of vegetation.
Damage to high quality amenity grassland such as golf courses.
Tree bark damage.

Population: Pre-breeding season estimated to be 40 million.