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Rodent Control


We are trusted by many farms, estates and domestic householders with the safe elimination of rat and mouse infestations.

Rat populations in the agricultural industry are reaching a critical level. It is to be expected that there will be the odd rat on a farm, but at what point does it become an issue?

We know a lot of farmers will attempt to clear up the issue themselves, often with poor results as the rodenticides and methods used tend to be incorrect. The average DIY rat treatment will end up costing farmers hundreds of pounds in poisons but will not have the desired outcome.

For most of our customers the rodent issue is highlighted when large quantities of rats are diminishing stored product and therefore costing them money. 100 rats will eat approximately 1.5 tonnes of stored product per year, bearing in mind the rats you see on the farm will normally only be 5-10% of the population. On an average farm rat clearance we will pull out 100-150 bodies. These numbers equate to about 10% of the rats killed, therefore we estimate clearing over 1000 rats which means 10 tonnes of stored product that won’t be getting eaten.

It is widely known that 50% of farm fires are caused by rats. There is also a high risk to farm vehicles with rats chewing out wires and using warm machinery to nest in. The common rat will pass approximately 15ml of urine and produce 45-55 droppings per day. This is commonly found over stored product, silage, and animal feed therefore potentially rendering it unfit for sale or consumption.

It is estimated that by 12 weeks, 70% of a tonne of stored product will have been spoiled by rodents. These are not scare tactics but facts. The cost implications to farms are massive.

Farmers need not worry. Sourcing a professional that works and thrives in these environments can get very good results in less time than might be expected. At Dave Dawson Vermin Control, we have access to many rodenticides and can draw on our vast experience to sort the job quickly and efficiently.

Fast, safe and effective elimination of rats and mice.

We pride ourselves on our reputation throughtout Cornwall. We aim to carry out the work at a time to suit you as we know the implications pests can have on your home or on the land.

We are specially trained in all aspects of the pest control industry; this is what separates us from the rest.

We always operate to the highest professional standards by using the latest techniques and equipment . This can make a huge difference to speed and success of treatment.